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Wonga Loans

Are you looking for a personal loan? If so, we’ve got a great review of one of the leading South African lenders, named Wonga. Visit on your mobile device or desktop computer.

South Africa is a leading destination for online searches involving loans and personal loans. Given the tough economic climate, many people find it difficult to manage their cash flow in these stressful times.

While there are many companies that offer personal loans in the market at present, there are very few that really provide great service and product offerings.

One main standout is Wonga (, which has been around for a few years. Wonga was originally founded in the United Kingdom by two South African entrepreneurs who later decided to bring their business idea back to their home country.

Wonga has, to date, provided over 3 million loans in South Africa. This is a phenomenal fact, and Wonga continues to be one of the best personal loan companies in South Africa.

Wonga offers loans up to R4000 for new customers, and up to R8000 for existing customers.

With Wonga, loan applicants can apply online from the comfort of their own home. Wonga ( offers great service both during the loan application process as well as the repayment process, and you can always login to your account at any time or contact them directly to answer any questions or queries you might have.