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Wanna Loan (Online Review)

A lot of people have been asking us to do a review on Wanna loan, so we decided to give you our feedback and review regarding the new wanna loan website.

Wanna loan has followed in the same footsteps as other loan companies online and created sliders on their website, whereby people can determine how much they need to repay, depending on the the loan term and amount required.

You can then exactly see how much you need to pay in interest and fees. In comparison, they offer loans up to R3000 and the max days to repay the loan are 37 days. The minimum term you can apply for a loan is 5 days.

Wanna loan is certainly making allot of waves in the loan industry and by the look of their website, they are here to stay. With their catchy name, wanna loan is surely drawing allot of attention and people are comparing all the instant loan websites out there with one another, to see where they can get the best rate and service.

So be sure to look out for them online and remember that will be keep you updated in any news and links to the best loan websites in South Africa.