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Capitec Loans Update: (R250 000) up to 84 months

We are just doing a quick update in regards to Capitec Loans that use to only offer consumers loans up to R230 000, have now increased to R250 000.

This increase is great news for consumers looking for loans that offer a bit more than the usual amounts and anyone looking for a loan with Capitec will be very pleased to hear this.

Be sure to visit their website to find out more and apply online with Capitec loans.

Nedbank Personal Loans – Contact

Due to many requests from our readers regarding Nedbank personal loans, we decided today to give our readers an overview of their loan products as well as their contact information.

Nedbank personal loans offer loans from R1000 – R200 000, with flexible repayment terms up to 60 months or 5 years. To apply with them is easy and quick and once you are approved, they will offer you the best interest that are able to give you. The money will also be paid into your account directly.


So, what do you need to apply?

You must be employed permanently or on a contract. Unfortunately, they do not offer loans to self-employed individuals. The you need to earn at least R3000 (NET) and your money need to be paid in electronically.

If you do want to contact them, you basically have two options at your disposal. You can either apply online via their website or contact them on 0860 103 582.

Mpowa Loans

Today we are going to be looking at Mpowa Loans in closer detail, due to the high number of requests from our readers regarding this loan company.

MPOWA Finance is a relatively well-known loan company and with currently they are receiving allot of coverage due to online marketing campaigns and word of mouth.

They use a very catchy slogan which states that you can receive up to R2500 in your account today. A very nice feature they offer is that you can sign online and requires no printing and you will also receive a free credit with your first loan application.

An applicant simply needs to complete the online form and they will receive an instant decision. We are truly very impressed with their website and what they offer as well as the combination to make it even easier for anyone to sit in the comfort of the home and apply for a Mpowa Loan.

We will be following them, closely in the months ahead and we are sure that they will go from stride to stride and continue with the great website and service they currently offer.

We are also very impressed with the the level of transparency they offer and any user can view exaclt how much interst they would have to pay on an amount borrowed.

Be sure to look at them next time you are looking for an online cash loan company.

Instant Cash Loans – Online Review

We have created this informative website to help people choose the best personal loan company to assist them with an instant loan. There are various loan companies out there, but a few in our opinion, offer great service and are cost efficient.

Now the term instant cash loans refer to loans being offered by personal loan companies on a basis that approval gets done very quickly and you can apply online and know if you are approved or not very quickly. This trend have grown, since in the modern age, people want to get things done allot faster and know that when they want something, they can get it very quickly and this apply to personal loans as well.

Instant Cash loans offer people the opportunity to get either small loans or relatively large loans up to R150 000 very quickly to assist them with that home renovation or those additional funds they might need for whatever reason.

It is crucial for anyone looking for an instant cash loan, not to get that loan, if you cannot afford it, so basically if you don’t have the capacity in your monthly budget to repay the instant loan. Now allot of people opt for payday loans, which basically means that they will repay the loan once they receive their next pay check, which enables them to get access to funds immediately and repay the loan with interest a month later.

Larger loans are offered over various months ad with the personal loan, people general pay more interest, but it all depends on what you need and where you are financially at, to be able to repay the instant loan. We hope you enjoy our instant cash loans website and watch this space, since we will be adding new articles and links almost on a daily basis.
We have been getting allot of great feedback regarding our website and we would like to thank everyone for all the compliments and suggestions. We will continue to offer you the best advice on instant cash loans and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments from your side.

Capitec Personal Loans

Capitec has emerged as one of the loading loan providers in South Africa and we have been getting allot of enquiries regarding Capitec personal Loans and that’s why we decided to write an informative article about their loan options.

Capitec offer personal loans up to R230 000 over a term of 2 to 84 months, depending on your requirements. The amount that you will qualify for will largely depend on your credit profile and affordability and you can apply within a ranch of any Capitec Bank in South Africa.

Allot of people are currently looking at Capitec loans since there aren’t many banks out there that offer loans up to R230 000 and this is why Capitec has become a very interesting alternative for personal loans.

You will receive fix monthly repayments from Capitec which makes it easier for you to plan and fir the repayment in to your monthly budget.

To apply you would need your identity document, proof of residential address, salary slips and a 3 months of bank statements. Capitec loans are certainly becoming a good alternative and you can look into them, but also feel free to explore other personal loan options online.

We personally bank with Capitec and have found their service to be of the utmost quality and for anyone looking into Capitec, can rest assured that you are in good hands. They are constantly looking into new personal loan offers and this was the information we were able to find online regarding their loans, so be sure to check in regularly.

If you do feel that you want to apply for a personal loan with them, be sure to read through all the contracts to make sure that you understand everything that is involved in the terms of the loan. We always advise all our clients to read the terms and conditions of every loan application, just to make sure that you understand everything that is involved.

Online Loans

Online loans have basically overtaken offline loan applications over the last couple of years and the biggest reason for this is accessibility.

People want to get something done immediate and with online loans, you are able to go the website for your chosen personal loan company and apply online and within minutes get a result to determine if you do qualify for an instant loan or not.

Online loans give people the option to apply and get that result to enable them to rest assured that the personal loan company will contact you and setup all the necessary arrangements to get that cash into your bank account and determine the interest and repayment terms.

Online loans takes allot of hassle out of the loan application process, since people can apply within the comfort of the home or office and not have to go through standing in a queue and taking 1 or 2 hours out of their day to get the process started.

In this day and age, everything is about quality service, when you need it and if you can offer that service as a personal loan company, people will use you and keep on coming back for more.

So for anyone looking for an instant loan, be sure to look online for the personal loan and feel free to have a look at the instant cash loan companies we feature on our website.

Where to get an Instant Loan?

Currently there are quite a few loan companies online, but there are only a selective few that qualify to be mentioned on our site. The reason for this is that these loan companies we feature offer truly great instant loan options.

One in particular is Wonga and they offer people the ability to use their sliders to determine what their repayment terms are going to be.

They have enabled this feature for people by the use if sliders and with these options, they can select the loan amount their require up to R2500 for first time users and then by selecting the payment date, be able to view the interest that they are going to charge over that period.

Wonga Loans have truly taken South Africa by storm and with more and more people opting to go for Wonga South Africa to provide them with a personal loan; they just seem to be growing every month.

Wonga first started in the UK and have opened South African office with great success. They offer people in the true sense of the word, instant cash loans and enable people to repay them on the next payday. This basically works perfectly for people who require a personal loan immediately and then enable them to repay the small loan once they receive the next pay check.

Wonga Loans truly offer a great service and we can recommend them to anyone looking for an instant cash loan.

Recommended Loan Companies

Today we are going to look at the loan company that in our view, are the best loan company in South Africa at this stage. We are going to be looking at 2 companies, Wonga and Loan Supermarket and as the article name suggest, we recommend them for your personal loan needs.

It all depends on the amount you require, but Wonga offers personal loans up to R2500 for first time users. Loan Supermarket on the other hand offers personal loans up to R230 000 and assist you to find the best loan out there that will suit your needs and pocket.

Both of these loan companies offer great service and it all depends on what you require and who you feel in your opinion offer the best loan options to you.

Instant Cash loans have become very popular and with more personal loan companies offering this online service, the quality of service and product offerings will just continue to increase and quantify to give you better loan options out there.

There are obviously allot of loan companies out there, but be very careful who you sign up with, since they might charge you an arm and a leg for your personal and rather go with one of the bigger loan companies that are routable and have had good reviews.

Cash Loans in General

When looking at cash loans people often think that it’s only loan sharks that offer this service.

Not many people know that despite your larger financial institutions, there are a few quality loan companies in South Africa, that offer quality loans products at very reasonable rates.

These loan companies offer cash loans short term and people can often choose their repayment date, thus offering them the opportunity to determine when they will be able to repay the loan.

People need personal loans for various reason and we often urge people not to apply for a loan if they aren’t able to repay the loan.

This said, if you are able and you are looking around at loan companies, be sure to look at the 2 personal loan companies we feature on our site. Both provide excellent service and vary according to the loan amount you require.

Be sure to look at them when looking for a personal loan, since we have had great reviews and feedback regarding their offers and user friendly websites.

The application forms on both sites are very easy to complete and offer you then opportunity to apply online and receive feedback within minutes. Enjoy your online loan applications.

Online Loan Application

There is a few loan companies in South Africa offering loans and more specifically online loans, but very few offer great service and value and that’s why we decided to mention a few loan companies in our opinion that do reserve a mention.

Online loan applications have become very popular, due to the fact that it saves allot of time and effort. People, who still opting for the old way of doing things, have to face long queues and hours of completing application forms to get their loans approve. It is much easier to just go online and complete the quick online form with your details and click on submit.

Online loan applications have really offered people on the go quicker response time and quicker results and thus it has become so popular. For anyone looking for an online loan application, be sure to check out the featured companies on our website, since they all provide excellent websites, whereby it is easy to apply online through their forms.

We only mention quality loan companies that truly offer great value and service for people looking for personal loans.